How to Register Children and Families

To start, thank you for visiting Heart + Mind Yoga. It's our intent to make the registration procedure for children and families as simple as possible.


The easiest way to register families is through the Mindbody software. That means rather than clicking on "Sign Up" choose "My Account" from the top right hand corner. Note: this CANNOT be done through the Mindbody App. It must be done on a browser.















Once you are signed in, visit "My Info" and "My Profile". Notice "Family Members" on the right. Add the profiles of your dependents there. Please add their birthdate. 





From there, choose the "Classes" or "Enrollments" in which you would like to register your child.

From there a registration screen will come up prompting you regarding who to register. Choose the "Myself" radio button and then the name of your family member from the bottom of the screen. If you choose "Someone Else" you will be prompted to add the name of that other person and then be prompted to pay for them. From there we will contact you to register the other person. 



















You will then be taken to a Option 1 - Kids Classes

For Kids Yoga or Kids Mindfulness drop-in or registered classes (the child is the ONLY one attending from your family) you must create a profile for that child using the Mindbody registration software. The child must have its OWN UNIQUE email (they cannot share with you). 

If you have multiple children attending the same class, 

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