Ramona Pittman

  • BScN (Nursing)

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200)

  • Certified Healthy Foot Practitioner™

  • Certified Yoga for Healthy Aging teacher

  • Nutritious Movement™- Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist


Ramona Pittman teaches functional movement & sustainable yoga.  A Discovery Ridge resident since 2011, Ramona is often outdoors walking, biking, gardening, playing tennis and volunteering in her community.  


Ramona blends her knowledge of anatomy and health with established movement practices and emerging movement science to offer healthy movement that is safe and biomechanically sound.  Ramona is a nurse and in addition to her yoga teaching certification, Ramona has taken additional training in healthy feet, healthy aging and restorative exercise.

Ramona practices and teaches mindful movement that helps her clients build individual expertise about their own body and how it works. Ramona’s intention is to help people learn to move through everyday life and activities with ease and without discomfort. 


Ramona has a special interest in dispelling the notions that aging = moving poorly and that once a body part hurts, it’s unlikely to improve again.  Ramona is passionate about helping people learn and experience that moving more and moving better will result in feeling better, regardless of age or current condition.


Ramona has learned much from her own injuries, and is grateful for all she learns from each person she teaches.  She continually pursues further who offer information, science, research and experience aimed at helping others stay active and pain free.


Participants in Ramona’s workshops and classes often comment about the clarity & practicality of the information she offers.  They appreciate learning how to incorporate better movement into every aspect of their lives.  As a teacher, Ramona is known for her depth of knowledge, her caring, and a sense of humour that puts people at ease.