Happy Monthiversay

October 18, 2017


Congratulations Heart + Mind Yoga. We made the first month mark. The renovation is 99% complete and our teachers have guided over 200 clients through sequences and seated practice as we settle into our new suburban home.


The studio is beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) with big windows, natural wood floors and a view of the community of Discovery Woods. Visiting the studio feels like a little mountain getaway in the city. We love the natural feel of the community and feel blessed to walk in Griffith’s Woods (thankfully the grizzly bear has moved on).


We really think Heart + Mind Yoga is a special place. It’s an old-school yoga studio with props and well-trained teachers that know how to help students safely develop strong, flexible muscles and a calm, controlled mind. We think our teachers are our biggest asset but they are not the only thing that makes Heart + Mind Yoga worth a visit.

  1. Parking is free and plentiful.

  2. The studio is on the second floor with elevator access.

  3. Both studios are small with a maximum of 20 students. 

  4. Share a pass: anyone can share a drop-in pass with anyone else. Passes also don’t expire.

  5. Props: firm bolsters, soft blankets and natural cork blocks.

  6. Families can practice together in the Soul Sisters and Family Classes.

  7. Caregivers for adults and under-18 clients are welcome and discounted.

  8. There are also discounts for school teachers, full time students and seniors.

  9. There are opportunities for self-practice (mindfulness or yoga) almost everyday. We ask for a cash donation toward our yoga-in-at-risk-schools karma program.

  10. We welcome teen volunteers into our kids’ classes. Come help and learn.

  11. Practice yoga and practice mindfulness: together or separately. Our classes are all grounded in being in the room with yourself now.

We also have and plan to have a lot of great sales. Check our our Monthiversary Sale today – 30% off all drop-in passes. And then take the time to join one of of our great classes, registered programs or workshops in the tucked-away community of Discovery Ridge.









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Heart + Mind Yoga + Education

827, 10 Discovery Ridge Hill SW

Calgary AB .T3H 5X2