Set an Intention

March 1, 2018

When we opened our doors three months ago we set an intention to be patient. Patience is coming in handy!


Setting intentions is different than setting goals. Intentions focus on ways of being. Goals focus on accomplishments. Intentions have no destination. Goals are set and achieved.


At Heart + Mind Yoga, we have goals written down in our business plan detailing the optimum number of classes, teachers and students. We had to set goals to get permission to open our studio doors in the first place.


But we need intentions too. In 2018, while we still intend to be patient, we also intend to be kind, accommodating, welcoming and grounded in mindfulness. We also intend to be open-hearted, dedicated and honest.


You can set an intention for any period of time or situation. Perhaps your intention focusses on one yoga class or one interaction. Maybe it’s for the holiday season. Perhaps its for 2018. Maybe your intention statement is powerful enough to guide you throughout your life.


To set your own intention, first take a minute to sit in awareness. Bring your attention into your body. Feel your feet on the floor, your hands in your lap. Feel your breath. Let yourself relax. Let the idea of setting an intention come to mind. Maybe use the phrase “I am” or “I am being”. Avoid words like “always” or “never”.


 Make the intention statement:


1.    Present tense

2.    Positive

3.    Concise

4.    Intentional (not wishy-washy)


Your intention may feel like it is bubbling up from deep within your belly or brain. Let it come and then notice if it feels true for you. If it does, repeat it to yourself three times, slowly and calmly. Rest your attention on your heart center and notice the feelings that arise as you state your intention. Take a few more deep breaths and let it go. You can repeat your intention to yourself as often as you wish. You can have several different intention statements for different situations.


We would love to support your goal of coming to yoga often in 2018 and help you create your intention when you are firmly grounded on your mat in the studio. Join us for our New Year’s Eve intention setting and goal setting practice to kick off next year just as you intend.



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