Why align your spine?

May 15, 2018

It's tennis season ...golf season ...soccer season ...and bike season ...and like the trees and plants, in spring our bodies wake up to familiar (albeit often unpracticed) movement. While returning to sport might be "just like riding a bike" for our minds, our body often takes time to adjust.  


In the world of yoga and healthy movement, we know a few secrets to help you prevent common aches, pains and sore muscles often associated with renewed spring activity. The key is to recognize your habitual adaptations, compensations and imbalances.

The human body is spectacular and our capacity for adaptation is necessary. Adaptation allows us to develop physical skill through practice. However,  our bodies also adapt by adopting unhealthy habits such as sitting with slouched shoulders, or standing with one hip jutting out. Unfortunately, unhealthy body patterns become ingrained the more we “practice” them. The result is muscular imbalances and compensatory ways of moving including using muscles that weren’t designed for that type of movement and shutting others off. Over-using some muscles and under-using others can pull your body out of alignment. That can lead to limited mobility and strength, and often, discomfort. We reinforce these compensations into everyday life, in sport, and even in yoga. 

WHAT CAN YOU DO? An important first step in being able to move your body well is to improve your whole body alignment. Body alignment includes your body’s position relative to gravity (the earth), and the position of each body part relative to other body parts. When your body’s alignment is ‘neutral,’ your muscles begin movement from their natural neutral position, which means they have the opportunity to move through their full range of motion, and develop balanced strength.

So…to be able to begin all of our movement from a place of balance and control, we need to get our bodies back to neutral. We need to bring all 640 muscles to our movement party, rather than letting just a few do all the work.


At the “Getting to Neutral” Whole Body Alignment workshop, you will learn how your body is or is not aligned. You will learn what I call “the big 4” alignments, which you can practice anytime, anywhere, and we will cover as many other aspects of neutral alignment as time allows. We will also practice simple corrective exercises you can use every day.

May 27, 1-3pm
All bodies welcome. I hope you’ll join us!!


Ramona Pittman Biography


Ramona Pittman teaches functional movement and sustainable yoga.  A Discovery Ridge resident since 2011, Ramona is often outdoors walking, biking, gardening, playing tennis and volunteering in her community. Ramona blends her knowledge of anatomy and health with established movement practices and emerging movement science to offer healthy movement that is safe and bio-mechanically sound.  In addition to her yoga teaching certification, Ramona has a nursing background and, has completed additional training in healthy feet, healthy aging and restorative exercise.





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