Karma yoga, community and kittens

July 13, 2018


A little over twelve years ago I walked into the animal shelter in my hometown hoping to adopt a kitten. I even had a specific little one in mind, but when I arrived that kitten was already gone. So I began walking around looking at each kitten. I knew the name I wanted to give my future kitten so I had to find one that I felt had the personality to suit. I came across this grey and white kitten and there was something about him so I stepped forward to look into his kennel.


Looking directly into this kitten’s eyes I asked him, “Are you a Stewie cat?” This little kitten strode up to the door of his kennel, sat down and looked me directly in the eyes. His personality was so present, I immediately looked to the lady working at the shelter, “That’s my cat.” I knew it with my whole heart. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and I’m so grateful I adopted this feisty little fuzzball.


Of course, there are days that Stewie makes me crazy but I wouldn’t change a thing about him. I love my Stewie-cat. When I was asked to lead a charity class for Meghan’s Rescue Efforts Society, I couldn’t say no. Knowing how many animals out there need homes and the amount of work it takes to give these animals a chance to find their forever home, I knew this was something I wanted to be apart of.


Karma yoga is about selfless action that is not attached to praise or glory. It is done for the good and benefit of others without looking for anything in return. As a yoga teacher, I feel it’s important to look for these opportunities to give back. To offer my services not just to those who attend the class but contribute to the community.


I feel you will never find a community that is stronger than the ones created through yoga. Each week we come to this one place to have the same experience and even if you don’t know the names of people around you, you recognise their faces. You notice when someone who regularly attends isn’t in class that day. Without realizing it, by joining yoga you become part of this wonderful community. And being a Calgarian, we are a community that takes care of others even when we aren’t asked to. We do what we can for the betterment of others.


I hope you will join me for a 75-minute, fun, free-flowing yoga class Sunday, July 15th. All the money from ticket sales will be going towards Meghan’s Rescue Efforts. Did I mention there will be kittens?! Yes friends! We will have adorable snuggle buddies for you to play with while we yoga. Hope to see you then! Blessings, Mary Heidel




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