Did you know your students could practice mindfulness with or without yoga

taught by a specialist for as little as $1 per student, per class with an in-school residency?


Did you know that Heart + Mind Education has been teaching in Calgary schools since 2011

and has a Masters Agreement with the CBE also working closely with the CSSD and local private schools?


Did you know we offer a classes for students and teachers at the studio.


Building on the success of Yoga Playground Ltd, we are in the process of rebranding to incorporate our mindfulness messages.

Heart + Mind Education continues to offer school-based mobile services to students, teachers, administrators and parents. 



What we offer:


  • Heart + Mind Preschool

    • Circle time yoga at one or multiple preschools


  • Heart + Mind Elementary + Junior High Residencies*

    • in the gym PE

    • in the classroom


  • Heart + Mind High School

    • Yoga 15/25 program (all or part)

    • PE residency

    • substitute yoga instructor


  • Heart + Mind Clubs

    • lunch hour

    • afterschool

    • early dismissal camps


  • Heart + Mind Professional Development Workshops for elementary teachers

    • teach basic yoga in PE classes

    • teach basic mindfulness in the classroom


  • Hearth + Mind Yoga classes for teachers

    • PD days

    • afterschool

    • in the studio


*Heart + Mind Education Residencies and PD Development Workshops come with:

  • Class plans and ideas so teachers can continue to bring yoga and mindfulness to students after the residency wraps up

  • Free one month unlimited yoga pass for teachers at the Heart + Mind Yoga studio during the residency

  • Discounts on our studio kids, youth and family programs (equivalent to a free class in a registered program)

  • Opportunities to purchase props for the school


 To contact us to with questions or to book, please email us at admin@heartandmindyoga.com.



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